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Archive for May 24, 2016



  Today, once again I stood with the sisterhood of survivors on the old city hall steps holding signs in support of sexual assault survivors. Today our survivor in court was Mandi Gray. This is starting to feel like a second home to me and right now this is where I belong. Flash mobs, rallies, supporting survivors in court, conferences, blogs, bring it on because I will be there. Today was my second time watching the Mandi Gray trial. I...

“THE CLEAREST PATH TO THE TRUTH” warning may be triggering

  May 11, 2016, a day I’ll never forget. I started May 11, 2016 with very mixed emotions. The impending peace bond with rumours of a possible apology. I wasn’t certain how I felt but the initial internal screaming was hard to ignore. I came to the court to hold signs and stand with my sisters in support of survivors. The inference was that the crown had once again thrown in the towel with no faith in his witness. Was...