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Archive for November 7, 2016


SECRET LIFE – book review unabridged version

  by Linda Christina Redgrave   It was with great reservation that I decided to read and review the book, Secret Life the Jian Ghomeshi investigation, by Kevin Donovan. My first encounter with this book was in Indigo quickly skimming to the parts pertaining to myself, and hesitantly looking with one eye closed. This was not something I cared to relive or revisit through someone else’s words but there was a curiosity nagging at me that I couldn’t ignore. After...

Wash Your Mouth Out

Warning- content about sexual assault by When I was being sexually abused I soon learned that pleasing the other person, quickly and in the ways they preferred, would mean that I would be safer. I found it more upsetting to be touched against my will, than to touch the other person. At least I felt I had a marginal amount of control over the non-consensual sex. This is one of the impacts of surviving sexual violence that has been hardest...