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I was married to my husband for 23 years. I have a daughter from a previous marriage whom he abused when she was 14 year old. it did not stop there he then went on to abuse my sister. now instead of him being in jail for this he is still practicing law and owns a prominent law firm in Vancouver. He knows so much about the law that when he finally admitted to it 5 years ago he put my daughter through hell and back again. (abused twice). She will never be the same and trusts no one but his life has not changed a bit, he continues to be arrogant and I am sure it will happen again to someone else. the law makes it too difficult to prosecute these men and that is the reason they get away with it, again and again and again.

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    Hi Thanks for sharing your story, I believe these people get away with this because of the system. Look at how many lawyers were praising the Judge in this Ghomeshi trial, they are excited to have these accused get off on the charges. The system is not for the victim they are for the accuser. When you have a system with Corrupt lawyers and Judges you don’t really have a Justice system. I say this because i have been dealing with the legal system on a family matter for 3 years and have seen first had what the Criminal system and family system does to victims, it is like the system abuses them all over again. I believe it is time we make a change to this system and speaking out against it is the best way to start. I am happy this blog is hear and hopefully we can make further changes for the victims rights!

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