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If you are anything like me…

A story about reporting. Warning may be triggering

by anonymous

If you go to the police about your rape you will spend 5 hours at the

police station. You will tell a man about your rape and he will try to
relate to you and build a relationship with you even though everything you
say will be used by the defense against you if it goes to trial. A room of
mostly men will watch your interview and decide if they can press charges
on your case. The police will assume you will be raped again and will give
you advice for “next time” and tell you how to be a better rape victim. And
they will be right. You will be told that if you are too scared to move you
should call the police or have someone call the police for you. If you
change your mind at all or are coerced into sex the police will not be able
to press charges. If you know your rapist the police will not be able to
press charges. You will be told that sexual assault is a very serious
offence that will change your rapists life. The reasons you didn’t want to
have sex with your rapist will be questioned. The police will spend extra
time making sure you understand where they are coming from. If your rapist
stops raping you when you question why they are raping you, the police will
not press charges. They will assume your rapist will plead not guilty.

Do not have any further contact with your rapist. Do not mention your rape
to too many people because if they refuse to testify it will make you look
like a bad rape victim.

If you are raped you should put your life and comfort on hold to talk to
the police and go to the hospital right away.

But I hope you aren’t anything like me.

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