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Meet the team

Linda Christina Redgrave
Linda Christina Redgrave is the founder of Coming Forward. She was also referred to as “Witness No. 1” in the Ghomeshi trial. She created Coming Forward to provide support for survivors of sexual assault including access to educational resources from an experiential perspective regarding the process of reporting and dealing with a trial, as well as the potential impact of trauma on survivors. In addition to participating in the Ghomeshi trial she has observed a number of other sexual assault trials and spoken publicly about the trial process and its effects on numerous occasions at the invitation of advocacy groups.
Hillary Di Menna
Mother of one sassy daughter and three black cats, Toronto-based journalist Hillary Di Menna writes about social justice with an emphasis on feminism. She has been published in Torontoist, This Magazine, Now Magazine, and The Establishment. Hillary also runs her personal mothering blog Misfit Matriarch and speaks about rape culture at places such as Durham Rape Crisis Centre and York University. Hillary is researching links between ancient witch trials and contemporary misogyny for her master’s degree in Gender, Feminist and Women’s Studies at York University. She uses the inevitable misogynistic trolling that comes with being a vocal woman as hair feed, keeping her curly mane healthy.
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Stephanie Stella
In early spring of 2016, Stephanie Stella met Linda Redgrave in Old City Hall courthouse in the aftermath of their respective sexual assault trials. Not only had their trials and verdicts happened nearly simultaneously, but the defense lawyer in Stephanie' case came from the same law firm that produced the infamous defense lawyer from the Ghomeshi trial - with similarly disastrous results. Stephanie Stella is a survivor of domestic abuse, and a passionate advocate for consent culture as a result - and, following more recent events, is also a passionate advocate for the voices of survivors. Stephanie strives to demystify the everyday realities around living through rape and trauma, and also works on educating people to help them prevent from creating any more traumatized individuals. Stephanie writes for Coming Forward, and has sat on numerous sexual assault trials including her own, and works with WomenatthecentrE to determine what isn't working in today's courtrooms, what does work, and what needs to change.