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childhood abuse


Night terrors

By Mona Korstanje CW Childhood abuse, neglect, childhood sexual violence, rape, depression, PTSD Mona lived through a lifetime of abuse, but is finally in the loving relationships we all deserve. This is only a portion of my life. I am a prime example of abuse and trauma. My brother was born just two weeks after I turned a year old. He was born without kidneys and my mother spent all day long caring for this newborn. When he was two...

She Asked For It: A Poem

By Hillary Di Menna It seems so obvious to the outsider, get hurt, you go. And that’s what makes them outsiders: the dichotomy of you and them. So when that person makes those fists – just like dad used to make – and they tell you it isn’t just you and them, it is the two of you against the world, that’s all you got. White trash can’t get hurt. As Other, they can not feel. The beatings and mockery...