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Night terrors

By Mona Korstanje CW Childhood abuse, neglect, childhood sexual violence, rape, depression, PTSD Mona lived through a lifetime of abuse, but is finally in the loving relationships we all deserve. This is only a portion of my life. I am a prime example of abuse and trauma. My brother was born just two weeks after I turned a year old. He was born without kidneys and my mother spent all day long caring for this newborn. When he was two...

Divorce destroyed me more than I thought my marriage would

By Chelsea I found myself blindsided.  Never did I think that my marriage would end… let alone the way that it did.  Now, I find myself a mid-thirty year old single mom of two young kids. Do not get me wrong, I would NOT change the outcome for anything.  Not in a million years.  But the last three years, up until now, have been the most painful years of my existence.  I have experienced emotions I did not even think were...