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gender-based violence


Torontoist: The TTC Is Not Doing Enough to Combat Harassment

By Hillary Di Menna Torontoist Published July 25, 2017 “I know what it’s like. I have had a man come up to me and tell me, loudly, how he wants to kill all women; I have been asked to describe my naked body; I have been followed off and on a subway; I, like many others, have been grabbed—and those surrounding us don’t bat any eyes, they avert them instead. If no one considers these things worthy of attention, we are...

Spacing Toronto: How to prioritize the safety of women on the TTC

By Abby Plener Spacing Toronto Published July 14, 2016 “When Di Menna was approached by a much larger man who began making inappropriate sexual advances, no one on the crowded Friday evening train said a word. She got off the car, the man followed her, she got back on, was followed by him again, and then finally managed to escape with her third attempt.” Read the article here...