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mental health


Divorce destroyed me more than I thought my marriage would

By Chelsea I found myself blindsided.  Never did I think that my marriage would end… let alone the way that it did.  Now, I find myself a mid-thirty year old single mom of two young kids. Do not get me wrong, I would NOT change the outcome for anything.  Not in a million years.  But the last three years, up until now, have been the most painful years of my existence.  I have experienced emotions I did not even think were...

Healing through improv with some Fantastic Funny Femmes

By Hillary Di Menna There is a lot of talk around mindfulness in the mental health game. I always wrote it off as an extra chore: meditate, take baths with smelly stuff, eat almonds, and you’re cured! Mindfulness seems like another thing to make me feel guilty after failing doing it right. However, when my best bud told me she and her fellow comedian pals were hosting a day of workshops – including one on mindfulness – I signed up...