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One year after Jian Ghomeshi’s acquittal, I’m keeping the conversation going

by Linda Christina Redgrave photo by Paul Salvatori Photography It’s been a year since I took my final police escorted ride to hear Judge Horkins deliver the verdict for the Jian Ghomeshi trial. Lucy, witness number 3 (still under publication ban) and I gathered in the VWAP room accompanied by lawyers and friends to hear the outcome of this much publicized trial. Although I was never invested in the outcome, the suspense was getting to me and everyone else in...

The Trials of Life

It’s been quite the journey.  I’ve learned so much from this through the good, bad, indifferent and enlightened people I have engaged with about a very controversial subject.  What stands out are the lessons learned, particularly on how we collectively agree or disagree on a topic that raises many emotions. It has never been my desire to have everyone on my side.  We always need the devil’s advocate to help keep our views in check.  What I didn’t  foresee was...