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The Globe and Mail: New tool to report sexual assaults coming to TTC riders

By Fallon Hewitt The Globe and Mail Published June 30, 2017 “’I think with the subway specifically, it’s also such a microcosm, it’s such an example of the broader picture,’” Ms. Di Menna said. “’If you ever want to examine a society, you have all these different people in the subway, functioning as an example of how society works. When no one was doing anything and I was in a position where I felt unsafe to even press the strip,...

Spacing Toronto: How to prioritize the safety of women on the TTC

By Abby Plener Spacing Toronto Published July 14, 2016 “When Di Menna was approached by a much larger man who began making inappropriate sexual advances, no one on the crowded Friday evening train said a word. She got off the car, the man followed her, she got back on, was followed by him again, and then finally managed to escape with her third attempt.” Read the article here...