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THE BREATHE NETWORK – Trauma Informed Healing

The Breathe Network is a nonprofit organization that connects survivors of sexual violence with trauma-informed, sliding scale, holistic healing arts practitioners across the United States and Canada.  We provide training and education for healing arts practitioners in understanding the impacts of sexual violence and how to deliver trauma-informed care within their practice.

We are innovators in the movement to end sexual violence and our approach to addressing the impacts of sexual violence on the body, mind and soul, is both unconventional and necessary.  We consider the immediate and long-term health, wellness and resilience of survivors to be a vital component of the work that is currently being done in this field.  We have over 100 practitioners in 20 U.S. states, Washington, D.C. and Canada, who draw from over 30 different holistic healing arts modalities.  Our founder and Board of Directors have deep roots in both the anti-violence advocacy movement and the holistic healing arts community, which enables us to build strategic partnerships among various fields.  This intentional collaboration creates a truly holistic framework for how our society can collectively and comprehensively address the epidemic of sexual violence.

The Breathe Network’s understanding of sexual violence and our approach to this work reflects what cutting-edge research tells us about the physiology of trauma and pathways towards resilience:

  • Trauma is stored in the body.
  • Unresolved traumatic experience can become encoded within our nervous system, causing physical and mental health disruptions across a lifespan.
  • Language- based methods alone do not necessarily resolve trauma’s imprint.
  • It’s never too late to begin healing! Our bodies have an in-built capacity to heal that is bolstered when we connect to the resources and healers that can assist us in addressing the blockages-physical, mental, energetic or spiritual – that have been inhibiting our natural resilience.

Learn more about the healing arts services and support we offer, view upcoming trainings, explore our Breathe Blog and much much more, by visiting our website at:

For question and inquiries, contact our Founder and Executive Director, Molly Boeder Harris, at:


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