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After going through the process of our mythical justice system and all its gendered sexism and slippery rape shield laws, I felt great relief to reach the other side of the trial and be done.  My focus quickly became my website.   It was my way of healing and keeping with my intention to help others going through the system.

Shortly after Coming Forward’s launch, my project was quickly halted with many confusing reasons for all the roadblocks and false promises to help to complete my site to reflect my vision.   To my horror, and with national media coverage, my site had become stagnant and out of my control.

A couple of weeks ago I discovered that Coming Forward had been transferred without my permission into the hands of the web designer who had subsequently left the country.  I spent a day questioning everything about my life, in particular, my mission, my website and my fight for justice.  It all seemed like such a battle.  A war I was losing.

I fought hard for a two days and just as I was throwing in the towel I was told that I was indeed the legal owner and the site was mine and would be transferred back.

Finally something in my favour.  I’m thanking the universe for being on my side.  The future is once again looking bright and all things are possible.

I now have a new web person, a new look and Coming Forward is mine to build in the way I had initially intended to, with resources, a forum, guides, stories, information, insight and most of all connection. This is a work in progress and I always welcome input and resources from everyone.   This is site is for you.

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    Ray Bernier

    Welcome back.

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