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The Trials of Life

It’s been quite the journey.  I’ve learned so much from this through the good, bad, indifferent and enlightened people I have engaged with about a very controversial subject.  What stands out are the lessons learned, particularly on how we collectively agree or disagree on a topic that raises many emotions.

It has never been my desire to have everyone on my side.  We always need the devil’s advocate to help keep our views in check.  What I didn’t  foresee was just how far some will go in an attempt to prove themselves right.

I love a good debate.  An opportunity for participants to present their views while being challenged with opposing points of view.  It can help to clarify issues on both sides or perhaps not.  It may just strengthen your own stance but it should be about an exchange of information.   What I don’t understand is hate.  We are all entitled to our opinion but spreading hate is abuse.  

We try to teach our children to question, be curious and most of all to form their own opinions.  Be thinkers.  Parents firmly dissuade their young from acting out in anger for not getting their own way.   It seems that some walk through the door to adulthood and leave that all behind.

I started Coming Forward to provide resources and hopefully give someone who may feel alone a place to visit and feel connected. I suppose reading about the realities of reporting may not always be pleasant but I feel it’s necessary if we are going to fight this battle.  In time, Coming Forward  will develop into a place to come read about other survivors, talk on a forum and get some resources.  Your input is always welcome here.  Hate is not.

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